Very little time

Recently, as you may have seen, I haven’t posted anything. That’s because I’m still in school and the Christmas holiday starts in two weeks and I have to take all the final exams. As I am in a science class, I have to take five important tests: romanian ( my native language ), maths, english, biology and chemistry, which leads to my lack of spare time to write anything down for my blog.

Because I’ve been studying more in the past couple of weeks, I’ve become quite stressed and nervous, especially since I still have to take my biology and chemistry tests, which seem to be the hardest for me. This morning I passed out, something that has never happened to me before. Both me and my parents got scared and decided that I should take a day off school to wind down.Unraveling-the-Homework-Myth

But I still have one question: How can you relax during the exams period?

I started watching vlogmas on youtube and seeing some of my favourite vloggers helped me, but I am still under the impression that I lose so much time watching the vlogs, when I should learn instead. I’ve watched a Christmas movie the other night with my sister but I haven’t got round to finishing it because I was too tired to watch it all at once.

Also, this chaos with Christmas decorations, buying presents or simply family gatherings has put me off. Not getting enough sleep is also an important factor to my state of health and also skipping meals (as my mother always tells me to stop doing).


I would really apreciate if you could give me some advice in the comments. I’m in a quandary about what to do. Also, you could let me know if this happened to you and how you got past it.