Personally I’ve always been an avid reader. Ever since I learnt how to read from the ,,Scooby-Doo” comic books, I fell head over heels in love with it. I think it is the best possible way to spend your leisure time especially during the cold season, when you can’t really do many things outside (I can’t stand cold weather).

For the last couple of days I’ve been reading ,,Girl online”, written by blogger and youtuber Zoe Sugg. Because I have a four-day break from school I decided to give it a go and I realised I love it. The story describes Penny’s Christmas and New Year’s holiday, during which she falls in love with Noah. I won’t say anything more for those who want to read the book 🙂 . 

In some way it kind of reminds me of my summer holiday, when I kissed a guy whom I’ve just met on the beach, after spending only an evening with him (so did Penny in the book). I think the story is beautifully written and definetely came up to my expectations. Seeing that the main character is a blogger too inspired me to keep on writing, to express my feelings and ideas, because someone out there might be interested in what I have to say or may have the same opinion as me.  girlonline

   I generally prefer to read fantasy books with vampires, warewolves, witches etc but I loved the story and the plot of this book from the first pages.

   I would really like to know what your favourite books are. What do you generally prefer to read? Would you rather read or do something else in your spare time?


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