Beauty pressure

    Nowadays there is quite a big peer pressure, especially among teenage girls. Supermodels are becoming thinner and thinner and therefore more teens starve themselves in order to be seen as ,,beautiful”. Moreover, while some have a fast metabolism and can easily keep in shape, others are not so lucky and lose weight a little bit harder. In their case, they might become unhappy, ashamed with their bodies or maybe even depressed. 


     Personally, I have to admit that I would like to loose a little weight but I don’t really fancy working out or doing any exercise. I am 1.67m/5,6 ft and 50 kg/110lb and I do 3 hours of street dancing a week, which I think makes me tonify my muscles. I’ve never been told that I am too fat or even plump, but I’ve always been obsessed with loosing some weight. Seeing those models out there who have flat stomaches makes me want to be thinner. 

    Despite all of these, in my opinion, no one should reach the stage of depression or even unhappines just because of their bodies. Everybody is beautiful in their own way and I’m sure nothing can stand in the way of one’s welfare. If you are healthy, everything comes naturally, particularly when you have your family and friends supporting you.



6 thoughts on “Beauty pressure

  1. myteenagemadness says:

    I think we can all relate to what you’re saying, and you’ve summed it up very well. I would however add that I think guys go through the same thing – for them, there’s the constant pressure to be fit and in shape and muscly, and that’s just as much an expectation of them than women are expected to be thin. Really interesting post! X

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  2. yellowgiraffe280 says:

    I agree with what you’re saying, that everyone is beautiful and should not be pressured into changing themselves to suit societys demands of what a ‘perfect’ person should be or look like. You’ve summed that up really well in your post. You’ve inspired me to write a post about body shaming and body image now so thanks! 🙂

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  3. TSP says:

    I believe a lot of women can relate to what you’re experiencing. It’s great that you are bringing this to the forefront. You have a positive outlook and loving yourself is the most important thing. I hope you continue to try to inspire women to love themselves. Great job 🙂

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