Bieber Fever

12270334_702897186478376_1218193533_n   We all know that Justin Bieber has recently brought out a new album, after three years during which he hasn’t really been so active regarding the music industry. ,,Purpose” features some collaborations with widely known artists such as Halsey, Big Sean,Skrillex or Travis Scott. But why is there so much hate between the two groups of people that have formed in the past years-the Beliebers and the ,,haters”?

    Personally, I’ve had times when I only listened to his music, and times when I even forgot about his existence. The online fights about Bieber are beginning to grow. While some people take his side, the others tend to criticise his way of life, his voice, his appearance etc. But we forget one thing: nobody’s perfect and above all, nobody should bitch about someone if they don’t really know that person’s behaviour.

    In my opinion, this way of life-only seeing the bad side of people-should be changed. We should all try to be a little more patient with each other and to be willing to give everybody a chance. We could be surprised of what we might find.





P.S. Please let me know in the comments your opinion, I would really like to see what you think.

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